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As human beings, we are all born with an inherent natural immunity system within our bodies that protects us from the diseases in our surrounding environment. However, following the immunisation schedule recommended by the government also offers considerable additional protection against these diseases.

As well as being a requirement for most childcare facilities, children that aren’t immunised are much more susceptible to nasty illnesses like meningitis and whooping cough. In the long run, the benefits of immunisation far outweigh the small risk of unpleasant side effects for your child.

The New South Wales Health Department requires that all children commencing school or childcare provide evidence of having completed their childhood immunisations. Our General Practitioners are able to provide these certificates, and will report your child’s immunisations to the Childhood Immunisation Register, to record and remind parents of upcoming immunisations for their child.

Please visit us to discuss your child’s immunisation requirements with one of our General Practitioners, and be sure to download the ‘Save the Date’ app to keep up to date with your child’s immunisation schedule.