What is a GP super clinic?

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At Reliance Health, we are a GP Super Clinic. GP Super Clinics support their patients, particularly those with, or at risk of, chronic disease, with the option of receiving the full range of health services they need in a coordinated manner, where possible and appropriate, in a single convenient location. Underpinning this care is an integrated model of clinical governance and shared care protocols, as well as a strong focus on supporting patient self- management.

At Reliance Health, we have five key values that we aim to live and breathe through our service every day, with every patient. They are:

  • People - Everyone at Reliance Health is valued. We appreciate diversity, wellbeing and professional development, and are passionate about making a difference in the community.
  • Communication - We pride ourselves on our communication with clients, allowing them to make informed decisions through our respectful and professional advice.
  • Integrity - To put it simply, we always do what we’re going to say we’re do. The community has put their trust in us, and we respect them immensely.
  • Innovation - We’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our service and facilities.
  • Simplicity - We remove unnecessary complexity to bring about efficiency, flow and ease.

We uphold impeccably high standards of corporate social responsibility through our dedication to the betterment of our community, our commitment to lessening our impact on the environment, and our involvement in the professional development of our staff and doctors.

Reliance Health is involved in a number of community initiatives, including ongoing support to Coast Shelter and the Central Coast Animal Care Facility.